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Privacy →
Involves breaches of data protection laws (e.g.) DSGVO and regulations on the protection of personal data. This would include, in particular, cases involving large quantities of data or particularly sensitive data. Examples: 
  • the unlawful disclosure of business and trade secrets
  • the misuse of data
  • the insufficient access protection to sensitive data
Money laundering (AMLA) →
Money laundering includes any activity in which the revenues of criminal activity are funneled into, and through, the financial system for subsequent use in an activity that appears to be legal. Because criminal assets are involved, the main objective of money laundering is to make sure that no one finds out the criminal origins of the financial activity. 
Environmental protection →
Environmental protection includes any environmental offenses and environmental damage. For example: 
  • Illegal disposal of waste
  • Improper handling of pollutants
  • Water, soil, or air pollution
Antitrust and competition law →
This include infringements that counteract the securing and maintenance of free and effective market competition. An anti-competitive situation exists, for example, in the case of agreements, coordinated behaviors or an exchange of competition-relevant information (e.g. prices, customers, markets, etc.) between companies and their competitors or in the form of exploitation or abuse of a dominant position of an individual market participant against other market participants.
Bribery & Corruption →
This involves offering and granting advantages (e.g. cash, gifts, invitations, etc.) in order to influence the decisions of others (active corruption) or demanding or accepting advantages (passive corruption). The group of participants in cases of corruption includes, on the one hand, civil servants, public officials and persons in positions of trust, and, on the other hand, entrepreneurs and other third parties.